Facial Reflexology…Sorensensistem Vs Bergman Method

Recently I completed training in another system of Facial Reflexology so thought this was a good time to do my first blog about my thoughts on it so far. I’m still not too sure what I’m doing (with the blogging, not the face rubbing) so bear with me….

I suppose I should give you some background info first.  I trained in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem™ (hereafter referred to as FRS as the other is such a mouthful) in 2011 to complement my practice and give those strange people who don’t like having their feet touched an alternative to foot reflexology. You’d be surprised how many people screw their faces up at the thought of feet.  Let alone someone touching theirs.  Weirdos. Anyhew. I love working on the face and find that some conditions respond better to facial reflexology, particularly those affecting the head.  I always assumed that this was because the messages don’t have to travel through the reflexes of the feet, up the legs, through the body to the head, and take a more direct route.  By working on the face, I feel I’m pretty much affecting the brain and central nervous system a lot quicker.  FRS has been around for nearly 40 years and was once the only known system of reflexology to work on the face…although tribes in Indonesia and South America have been doing this for centuries.  In a few years there will probably be lots of different systems and methods of facial reflexology and I’m rather proud that I trained in the first and most comprehensive.  Go me!

FRS is based on Meridianology – the same system as acupuncture – and uses specific pressure techniques to look for and treat the “worst deposit” (worst imbalance) in the meridians.  Many different maps and protocols are used to create detailed and bespoke treatment plans.  It has a very scientific approach and is a very firm and stimulating treatment which leaves people feeling wonderful.   It is without a doubt the hardest course I’ve ever done.  I mean, have you looked at a map of the meridians!  Mindboggling.  But it’s also one of my favourite treatments to do.

In 2015 in further trained in Japanese Cosmo Facelift (JCFL), an off shoot of FRS that focuses on lifting and sculpting the face to improve the appearance and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.  I never thought I’d be interested in the beauty side of facial reflexology but guess the fact I was soon turning 40 also had something to do with my decision to train!  It’s another brilliant treatment which makes you look and feel good, inside and out.

FRS is the health treatment with the beauty benefit.  I’ve had fantastic results with clients suffering with menopausal symptoms (hot flushes be gone!), headaches, vertigo, stress and insomnia to name a few conditions.  Children also respond incredibly quickly, especially those on the autistic spectrum.  I could go on singing the praises of FRS as it’s really powerful stuff but that’s not the point of this blog so I’ll stop there.

In recent years, the Bergman Method (hereafter referred to as BM) has gained popularity and is probably the most well-known facial reflexology treatment, which probably has a lot to do with its creator Ziggie Bergman, being a whizz at PR!  She has had numerous articles and rave reviews published about the effectiveness and amazingness of her treatments and I thought “I want a bit of this and need to train to keep up with the Bergman’s”.  And so I did. This system allows Reflexologists to use their existing skills and knowledge of Zone Therapy and transfer that knowledge to the reflexes on the face.  Zone Therapy is a much simpler system compared to Meridianology but equally as effective.

To be honest, after completing the first part of the training I was little disappointed.  Compared to the powerhouse that is FRS, BM, so far, seemed to be a bit flimsy and whimsical. It’s a much gentler treatment and is very relaxing and soothing but I was used to something with more substance.  A friend described it as the Swedish Massage of the facial reflexology world, compared to the powerful sports massage of FRS.  HOWEVER, having now completed the advanced course and learning all the techniques and reflex points, I was being rather harsh (and in hindsight under-educated!), as BM has many, many merits and is a truly fantastic treatment.  The subtle techniques serve to relieve stress and get you into a very deep state of relaxation, very quickly, as well as allowing me to access, stimulate or sedate the different reflexes and all the bodies systems.  In fact, so far this week a few people have tried BM and PREFERRED it to FRS!  It still improves wellbeing and the results can be just as astounding.  And so far I’m blown away by people’s response to it.  I love it so much I’ve registered to train in Ziggie’s Zone Face Lift in September, which like JCFL is mainly focused on improving the appearance, but also balances and works the reflexes, thus improving wellbeing and health.

Both Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem and the Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology do the same thing. Like foot reflexology, the therapies aim to bring about homeostasis or balance…by improving  vascular circulation and nerve flow, clearing blocked energy channels and relieving stress.  I believe all of these treatments can serve to relieve pain, boost the immune system, increase serotonin and dopamine levels and leave one feeling completely relaxed, calm and at peace.  And now I have the tools and skills to create truly unique, complex, individualised treatment plans for my clients that use many different techniques to get the best results.  As far as I am aware, I am one of very few Reflexologists who have been trained in all of these methods in Kent and can therefore provide the best treatment possible.  The fact that I am also a Reiki Practitioner, and can bring a level of healing to any treatment many cannot, is another added bonus!  I’d be really interested to know of any other local reflexologists trained in FRS and BM to chinwag and marvel about our work.

Here’s link to a little 3 minute video of me trying to explain some of the differences between the methods.  It starts a bit wonky with me referring to the first demo of FRS as Bergman (bit of a major fail) and I didn’t even notice the error when I first watched it!  However, I think the difference between the two is clear as the video progresses.  Let me know if you are in any way confused.


I’m very excited about what the future holds for Lifespan Reflexology and my clients.  So if you are interested in booking a facial reflexology treatment, whether you like the sound of Sorensensistem or the Bergman method, know that you’ll be getting a totally amazing treatment that is unique to you and your needs.  Now I’m off the give myself a facelift…..

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