New clinic, new opportunities…no great changes

Two blogs in the space of one month…I must be super busy.  As the saying goes…if you want something doing…ask a busy mum.  Because they’re the ones that get stuff done!

So the last few weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement and activity as I’ve prepared to launch my new clinic at the Hempstead Therapy Centre (HTC), based at Hempstead Valley Shopping Centre.  This opportunity all happened by accident and rather quickly but I think it was meant to me.  I rarely go round “Argos end” of Sava and wasn’t aware that the clinic was opening until I saw a post on Facebook the day before the grand opening on 3rd November.  I had planned on popping to the centre anyway so thought I’d go along to have a nose around.

On arriving I was greeted by the lovely Julie who was all warmth and smiles and I asked what treatments they offered.  She introduced me to Stuart Unthank the owner who showed me around the fantastic facility and bright, clean treatment rooms.

More details of what’s on offer can be found here:

I mentioned to Stuart that I was a reflexologist working from home and at Southcote and asked if I could take some leaflets to pass onto clients.  Stuart said they didn’t have a reflexologist but it was something they would consider and that if I was interested in talking business to get in touch.  I went into the clinic initially just to be nosy but was so impressed with the facilities, location and possible opportunities, my brain started buzzing.  Their ethos seemed to be much like Southcotes…professional practitioners working together for the good of their patients/clients.  The HTC team have all been experts in their fields for at least 15 years and cover sports, childrens and respiratory physiotherapy, mindfulness and wellbeing, podiatry, pilates, massage, post-operative rehab and general sports fitness.  So wealth of knowledge under one roof.  I was very interested in becoming part of this team based on my doorstep.

So that weekend I drafted a little proposed business plan and returned a few days later for a meeting when a deal was struck.  And we agreed a start date of 19th Nov just over a week later!  All this happened within two weeks so there’s nothing like being proactive and running with an idea.

As the clinic is sparkly, bright and new and obviously very clinical as made for physiotherapists, I set about shopping to cosy the room up.  It didn’t take much…a lamp, music and a couple of cosy blankets did the job nicely as per the before and after pictures.

The reason for this short blog is to introduce HTC and because a few people have asked “Does this mean you’ll be leaving Southcote” or “Please don’t tell us you are leaving Southcote” to which I’ve laughed and said a resounding “NO WAY”!

Southcote is the most amazing place to work with the best team and such lovely clients, many who have been coming for treatment with me since 2010 when I joined.  And my loyalty to them remains firm and I’ll still be there on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and Saturdays by appointment.


So although my clinic at HTC is brilliant for my Medway clients and is another location for people to see me when out shopping or lunching with friends, I’m still working from home and at Southcote as before.  Look out for the “SHOPPERS SPECIAL” offer of £20 for a 30 minute foot, facial or facelift treatment to help you recover from any Christmas shopping.  Gift vouchers are also available for all locations so get in touch if you’d like to buy one for the person who has everything, loves reflexology or deserves a treat.  HTC is a great facility for the folks of Medway and it’s great to have an integrated health centre on our doorstep.  If you see any of my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts, please hit the like button, comment or share to help us spread the word that I’m there.  I think 2019 is going to be interesting ;-)

Big thanks for all your support x George x