Dien Chan Zone…a new perspective

As you may already know, in March 2018, I attended Helen Black’s (Mirror Medicine) Operator Course in Dien Chan Zone, Italian Facial Reflexology.  I’d been following Helen on Instagram for a while and was drawn to her enthusiasm and beautiful social media pages.  Having been a Facial Reflexologist since 2011 (trained in Sorensensistem and The Bergman Method) and being experienced in this field, I was intrigued to know more about this “new” method making a buzz in the reflexology world.

I attended the two day course in London with an open mind and wondering what this therapy had to offer.  I was also a bit sceptical and wary as this course is open to ANYONE.  It’s not a course purely for reflexologists or complementary therapists or even beauty therapists.  It’s a course open to ALL.  I knew this from the start and had actually persuaded one of my best friends, who is a nurse, to join me as she was keen to explore the world of complementary therapies and we thought this course would be a good introduction and/or “in road”.

During that weekend I became friends with some wonderful women, many of whom I’d been following on social media or met on previous courses but also some who were new to the world of reflexology.  It was a fantastic weekend of training, learning and treating each other.

Helen’s gentle, warm teaching approach made everyone comfortable and she easily put those who felt out of their comfort zone at ease.

Helen wrote in a recent post  “As a relatively new form of facial reflexology and not widely practiced outside of Italy, the results achieved through DCZ can be shocking to new receivers. Whilst it’s enjoyable to work with a method that’s generally underestimated, interested parties should know it can be used – and may produce incredible results – for just about ANY imbalance experienced at a mental, emotional and physical level. It’s free to use as a form of personal care and is suitable for EVERYONE.

It requires no ingestion, lifestyle change, excessive time commitment, regular sessions with a professional and can be applied by ANYONE, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE.”

The more I practice DCZ, on myself, on others and see the results of receivers working on themselves, I am completely in awe.  And I also feel a bit stupid.  As explained in a previous blog…one of the principals of reflexology, is that the more you receive, the quicker the messages will be decoded and affect the relevant parts of the body, and the quicker homeostasis will be gained and the body begin heal itself.  As Helen so succinctly puts it:

“Facial reflexology offers you the opportunity, through daily facial stimulation, to encourage the ‘correct’ circulation of blood, lymph, oxygen, minerals and energy to your interior organs. Stimulation of precise areas, according to maps projected onto the face, sends a signal to the brain which works with the peripheral nervous system to increase circulation at the chosen area in the body.”

DCZ encourages receivers to work on the facial map most relevant to their main symptom for 21 consecutive days.  During this time, with the reflexes being stimulated daily, balance and a reduction in symptoms should come about much quicker but it varies between individuals.  And I feel foolish for not latching onto this concept before.  Although I often give clients homework to do on themselves to complement our sessions, working on your own feet can be physically tricky and not very relaxing and working on your own hands can be very effective but the reflexes are more compact and complicated.  For the last 8 years I have also given people facial reflexes to work but never full maps or projections or instructions to do so daily for a set period.  The facial maps used in DCZ are so simple and easily accessible to everyone, it seems obvious that this is what we should ALL be doing!

I’ve worked the reproductive map on myself with powerful results.  My hormonal skin, premenstrual headaches and irregular periods have all vanished since using this map.  And I’m not the only one to benefit.  Others  have reported no headaches, no PMT, clear skin and better mood.  After the 21 days it’s important to take a break for 7 days to allow the body to reset and rebalance.  If you feel it’s necessary, repeat another 21 days but if you feel good, then wait a while and see what happens.  Again to quote Helen:

“The time it takes to rebalance your reproductive functions with the help of Facial Reflexology really depends upon how long held and deeply set your particular imbalance is. The same issue manifested in 100 people has causes which are entirely different from one case to the next. Some people may notice an improvement within a matter of days, whilst for others it may take weeks.”

And there are many maps available to you to help almost any imbalance experienced at a mental, emotional and physical level, including those linked to the digestive, respiratory, nervous, urinary, lymphatic and circulatory systems.

If anyone out there sounds intrigued enough by this therapy to want to train in it and become a Dien Chan Zone Operator, I’m happy to answer any questions.  This course is potentially life changing, giving you the knowledge and skills to not only work on yourself and heal any imbalance, but also treat you family and family and ultimately give you a new career.  The support received after you’ve graduated so you feel confident going forward with your new found skills is unparalleled and Helen is one of the best teachers I’ve had.  If you want to know more or if your mind is already made up, follow this link to find out what the course entails:


Helen says:

“The practice of reflexology requires nothing more than your hands and knowledge of some very simple maps.  The DCZ technique is easy to learn and can radically enhance your wellbeing on all levels.  If you are interested in learning how to care for yourself and those around you (regardless of your background or profession)…this is a therapy like no other.  It’s practical, affordable and in most cases extremely fast acting.  Absolutely EVERYONE  is capable and therefore invited to study our level 1 Operator training from the comfort of your own home.  Training lasts just 4 weeks and could transform your life.  Are you ready to take your health into your hands?”

I thoroughly recommend the course and hope to learn more on the advanced course later this year (Ciao Milano!).  Helen Black is a wonderful, inspiring, passionate teacher and her social media pages are both beautiful and insightful.  Go follow her.  This therapy has made me look at facial reflexology in a different way and in some ways changed my way of thinking about reflexology in general. I’ve been working quite clinically these last few years but Dien Chan Zone has re-opened my mind and heart to the magical, energetic and spiritual aspects of reflexology. And I can’t wait for it to expand my mind and practice even more.  And I’m so lucky and grateful that one of my besties lives down the road for the occasional treatment swap!

If you’re intrigued to try this, or any other form of facial reflexology, please get in touch.  Thanks for reading x George x