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During this time of social distancing, I thought I would post some recommendations of other companies who might be able to help you during this difficult times.  All are personally know to me, are professional and experienced practitioners and all round good eggs:


Southcote Proactive Healthcare have many practitioners, chiropractors, massage therapists and reflexologists (ME!) who are providing online consultations for those in need.  These sessions are offered at a reduced cost and are proving popular for those in pain.  With everyone spending more time in front of the TV or sitting at make shift desks on laptops, and doing more or less exercise (which comes with it’s own problems), musculoskeletal issues and injuries are bound to follow.  So don’t suffer in silence.  Southcote are taking on new patients as well as continuing to look after their long standing ones:

If you are London based, the team at Balanced Osteopathy are able to offer Osteopathic treatments patients with acute pain and for any critical workers. They are offering 20% off of all services for NHS workers


Julie Clark, Whitstable based mum of two and brilliant nutritionist, has devised a nutrition and lifestyle plan to help keep us all healthy and sane in these testing times.

The plan includes:
• How to meal plan and only go to the shops once every 3 weeks.
• Food swaps for those hard to get products.
• Food journal to help you stay on track and avoid the emotional eating.
• Lunch maker check list so the kids can make their own lunch.
• Eat the rainbow activity.
• 21 dinners, 10 lunches, 5 breakfast recipes plus 25 snacks to make and 21 snacks to buy.
• Immune boosting programme – 7-day plan with recipes and meal plan.
• 25 foods to boost your immune system.
• Supplement advice.
• Resources to help you and kids reduce stress and keep calm.
• Bonus: healthy BBQ and homemade lollies.

It really is a life saver for mums trying to hold it all together.   Follow this link for more information:


Emma Goodman, is a personal trainer at Southcote and is running online PT sessions and classes. Her very popular Relax & Release Classes are working brillant online so sign up and let Emma help guide you through gentle stretches and meditation to calm you down.

Here are links to Emma’s website and Facebook page.  Check it out and give her a follow as we all need her motivational, encouraging posts:

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