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Having trained in Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem in 2011 and Japanese Cosmo Facelift in 2015, it seemed only natural that the next step of my facial reflexology training would be in The Bergman Method of Facial Reflexology which I trained in 2016-2017.  As I’ve gotten older I’ve become more and more interested in the beauty and anti-aging benefits of facial reflexology and trained in Ziggie Bergmans popular Zone Face Lift in October 2017.

Zone Facelift is fast becoming the best natural alternative to botox and fillers (that doesn’t use machines and electricity) and is favoured by many celebrities and stars as a truly spiritual facial.

This anti aging facial treatment, pioneered and created by Ziggie Bergman, who taught me these techniques, has been hailed as “A contender for London’s best facial treatment” by beauty editor Sarah Vine and not only tones and lifts the skin, helping your skin glow, as it uses reflexology techniques it also reduces stress and improves wellbeing. Each treatment is calming and uplifting and leaves the recipient feeling tranquil and serene.

Zone Face Lift uses a combination of traditional reflexology methods, Asian body mapping, pressure point massage and advanced natural face lift massage.  It also uses Native American healing techniques and Eastern face-lift tools, such as the jade Guasha tool and crystal healing balls, and results can often be seen after just one treatment. A beautiful holistic facial can also be added to any treatment which involves cleansing, exfoliation, toning, hot towels, anti aging mask and a healing visualisation, perfect for any lover of facials.

Zone Face Lift can be booked as a one off treat or as a 12 week programme to really lift the face and spirit.  Each treatment leaves you feeling completely blissed out with a smoother, more toned face to match.  For many this will banish the need and desire for botox or fillers and serves to help you age well naturally.  As well as the physical beauty benefits, such as looking younger, having a brighter complexion, clearing clogged pores, ironing out fine lines, evening skin tone and pigmentation, Zone Face Lift also reduces stress and tension and can help those suffering with migraines, sinus problems, TMJ and jaw issues.  The lymphatic drainage techniques also aids the removal of toxins and improves circulation giving you a healthy glow.

As with foot reflexology, once the facial reflexes are stimulated, specific messages are sent around the body to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanisms.  Due to its close proximity to the brain and central nervous system, working on the face with these techniques can be very powerful.  As I have been trained in both the Bergman and Sorensensistem methods of facial reflexology, I have a myriad of techniques to use to help a whole range of issues.  I have found over the years that many hormonal problems, in particular menopausal symptoms, such as hot flushes and sleep disturbances, respond very well to facial reflexology and these techniques can be added to a Zone Face Lift for a truly bespoke and unique treatment.

So if you’d like to become a healthier looking, more vibrant version of yourself then Zone Face Lift may help you achieve that in the most blissful and holistic way possible.  What’s not to love about the facial that makes you look and feel better from the inside out

Here are the results of a treatment I did on the lovely Sarah on the training course.  I think the results are pretty good after just one treatment.

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Georgina Strickland

Georgina Strickland BSc MAR

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2004 having trained at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London and have been a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists since then.

I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and I am also a member of Fedant