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During these testing times I have devised many ways that I can bring Reflexology to you via the power of the internet!  Now more than ever we need to be equipped with tools to look after ourselves.

Self care reflexology can be taught in a one to one consultations via Zoom or in a mini workshop with up to 4 people.  Reflexology is a simple modality that can be used by anyone and is therefore the perfect therapy to help you at this difficult time.  You can easily apply techniques yourself to the hands, face and feet to help ease any condition such as stress, anxiety, sleep problems, pain, menstrual issues, headaches, respiratory, digestive, urinary and hormonal issues.

So how will it work…  This two minute video explains how ONE to ONE sessions will work…

So to sum up…a free consultation will need to be carried out first, either on the telephone or video call, to assess you needs.  I will then prepare charts and/or videos, specific to your requirements.  These will then be emailed to you before our next 45 minute online session where I will talk and show you the reflexology methods, clarify any information and answer any questions so you feel confident to use the techniques at home.  I will follow this up with an email, text or phone call a few days later to see how you’re getting on and then suggest we meet again online 2 weeks later for a 30 minute appointment and adjust the plan if necessary.


Since April 2020, I have been working with a number of people online and in-person who are recovering from covid-19 and who had been left with many of the symptoms associated with long haul covid, such as fatigue, exhaustion, muscle aches / pains, headaches, sleep problems, brain fog to name a few.  The majority have responded positively and felt much better following a reflexology treatment and found the self help techniques useful in easing symptoms when they were unable to receive the therapy in person.

This work led me to create a Reflexology Covid Support Group on Facebook where I share hand and facial reflexology techniques to help from afar.  This group was started in February 2021 and over the following months I will adding information and inviting guest speakers from the world of natural health to give advice and information on ways to fight this horrible illness and help you recover should you contract it.

More information can be found on my home page but in summary you’ll initially learn some facial reflexology maps and points via Zoom to help boost the immune system, repair the respiratory system, help ease pain and discomfort and first aid nerve points for some of the common long haul covid symptoms. You will then be added to the Facebook Group to access more techniques and interact with the caring, online community I hope to create.  Feedback so far has been great.

Here’s a link to my YouTube channel and a video explaining in more detail what to expect:

Please note – the techniques will teach you how to work on yourself as a form of self care and are not to be performed on others.

Please get in touch if you would like to book in to join the group or if you would like to book an in person treatment.  I am currently (Feb 2021) able to work under strict CNHC guidelines with a few patients suffering with a physical or mental health condition – which long haul covid would come under with a doctors referral letter.  So please get in touch if you think I can help.


These have been working really well in small groups, are fun and interesting and the feedback has been great!

FACIAL REFLEXOLOGY WORKSHOP…for beauty, health and wellbeing

I have been teaching these popular workshops since 2017 and they work really well via Zoom. I believe this workshop is just what we need to look after ourselves in these stressful times. So why not gather your girlfriends and host a relaxing group session from the safety and comfort of your own homes.  You will learn simple facial reflexology techniques to:


This fun workshop will teach you techniques to help lift and smooth the face and leave you feeling relaxed and stress free. The workshop will last around a 90 mins and will include detailed instructions on different tried and tested techniques to help you look and feel your best in these crazy times.

The workshop costs only £20 pp and you’ll receive a course booklet with step by step, easy to follow instructions and access to my secret Facebook group of videos and advice on all things facial reflexology and aging well. So grab you friends, let’s arrange a time and date and have some fun, while looking after ourselves at this difficult time.

You can also benefit from this service on a 1:1 basis for £35 and the plan can be tailored to include any health concerns you have.


Children love reflexology and this workshop teaches them how to perform facial and hand reflexology on themselves to help relieve stress, improve memory, aid sleep and ease anxiety.  In the 60 minute sessions you will learn some very simple and easy to use  reflexology techniques to biohack your health and body.  This will help keep you calm under pressure and relieve some of the stress and anxiety that you might experience around exam time or if you’re going through a tough time and finding life a bit overwhelming.

The techniques won’t magic away all your worries but will hopefully be a little tool you can use regularly or when needed to help you feel in control and worry less.

Here’s a link to my two minute YouTube video explaining a bit more about what to expect…

What you’re doing when you’re working on your face is sending a signal via the peripheral nervous system (nerves on the outside or skin) to the central nervous system – the body’s computer and a database to the whole body.  You’re sending a request to rebalance and calm the problem area.  Simple!  Online, this works best in groups of 3 or 4 and is suitable for children aged 10 and upwards.

Please get in touch if you would like more information or would like to book a session


Reflexology can be a vital tool during pregnancy, labour and the postnatal period and I can teach you how to perform simple, safe, reflexology techniques to help ease the strain that nurturing a baby may cause.

Both parents now play a major role in childbirth and fathers (or birth partners) are playing an important role during the labour. The support and encouragement of the partner is of great assistance to the new mother and Reflexology can be a vital aspect of the labour process.

After the birth, Reflexology may help get the mother’s body back into balance so it returns to its regular metabolism. Specifically, the uterus has been stretched in pregnancy and childbirth and needs time to return to its pre-pregnancy condition. Working on the points that correspond to the reproductive organs may facilitate recovery by letting additional energy flow through those areas that need healing.

Via the power of the internet, I can teach you and your partner a general foot reflexology treatment for relaxation, ease tension and any specific pregnancy related ailments including backache and digestive issues. Should you go overdue, I also have techniques for labour & birth, including keeping calm and in control, and Reflexology for potentially helping keep contractions strong and regular.

This is all taught on a one to one (or two) basis to ensure you will receive detailed instructions, a manual and videos of the techniques.  A full telephone consultation will need to be done before booking to check you are suitable for self care treatment.


Many people have been forced to stop fertility treatment during the pandemic which can leave you anxious and fretful for your future family plans.  But there are techniques you can try to help yourself, keep you relaxed

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points may balance the hormonal system and stimulate the reproductive glands. You are encouraged to treatment eachother for regulation of menstruation and stimulation of sperm production.

Reflexology leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful, thus allowing stress and tension to flow freely from the body. This in turn may allow conception to take place but there are no guarantees.  Self care facial reflexology programmes are also available to help any disorder of the hormonal system such as irregularly or heavy periods, no periods, PMT, pre/menstrual headaches.

This sessions lasts about 90 minutes and costs £25.


Baby reflex is specially adapted reflexology for babies.  The techniques were originally developed for bonding and over the years have helped ease, relieve and eliminate many baby discomforts proving to be very popular and successful with parents. Baby reflex is a gentle and effective method of reflexology that parents can give to their own babies to help to calm the baby and improve their sleep patterns.

I have been teaching Baby Reflex to parents since 2009 and have adapted the the format to work well online.  The sessions lasts about an hour and you do not need your baby to be present. You will learn techniques for feeding and digesting, sleeping and comforting and general well being and teething.  If your baby is suffering with any other ailment I can add techniques to your session to suite your baby’s needs.

This online session is taught on a one to one basis and costs £25.  More info can be found on my Workshops page or please contact me for more info.

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Georgina Strickland

Georgina Strickland BSc MAR

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2004 having trained at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London and have been a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists since then.

I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and I am also a member of Fedant