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Reflexology Workshops For Conception

Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points may balance the hormonal system and stimulate the reproductive glands. Both men and women are encouraged to have treatments for regulation of menstruation and stimulation of sperm production.

Pre-conceptual care involves preparing the body, mind and spirit for the everyday miracle of conceiving, developing and birthing a new human being. Reflexology may help with this preparation as it is thought to help balance hormones and stimulate the bodies own healing mechanisms. Each session leaves you feeling relaxed and peaceful, thus allowing stress and tension to flow freely from the body. This in turn may allow conception to take place but there are no guarantees.

This 2 hour workshop is aimed to teach couples how to give each other a relaxing, stress-busting, simple Reflexology treatment with emphasis on the reproductive system to potentially boost your chances of conceiving.

If there is a physical problem such as a disorder of the reproductive system the couple should always follow the advice of their gynaecologist. If the couple are told there is nothing wrong physically and that their problem is primarily psychological where can they turn? Non-physical causes of infertility often lie in unnecessary stress and worry. Reflexology encourages a deep relaxation which alleviates stress and tension so that conception may take place.

Although it is advised that you continue to receive Reflexology from a professional therapist, this workshop will give you the information, tools and tips to work on each other’s feet so you may enjoy this wonderful therapy together.

What to Expect – Workshop Structure

At the workshop a brief history of reflexology will be explained including some theories on how it works, plus any precautions and contraindications.

I will then explain and demonstrate some general Reflexology techniques and talk through the charts and conception reflexology routine. Practical work will follow with partners practising and perfecting the techniques on each other.

Topics covered include:

  • Diet & Lifestyle Changes
  • The Nature of Stress and its effects
  • Reflexology as a tool for communication
  • Reflexology for Conception treatment

Workshops can be individually taught to couples or in groups. The course is structured in an easily practised session with techniques that are easy to grasp, with the emphasis being on the practical application of these techniques. You will leave each workshop feeling confident and secure in the techniques learnt.

These workshops are not training for you to apply treatment to any other person but your partner on the course. The course does not train you to treat family or friends in the techniques and Reflexology should only be administered by a qualified Reflexologist.

Workshops held across Maidstone (at Southcote Pro-Active Heathcare) and Medway (venue to be confirmed). Please email me at info@lifespanreflexology for more details and information on a course near you.

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Georgina Strickland

Georgina Strickland BSc MAR

I qualified as a Reflexologist in 2004 having trained at the Philip Salmon School of Reflexology in London and have been a Full Member of the Association of Reflexologists since then.

I am registered with the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council and I am also a member of Fedant