I learned the technique of Japanese Cosmo Facelift in 2015.  This anti-aging holistic facial is an off shoot of Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem designed to help the body regain balance by stimulating the reflexes on the face and improving the tone of the facial muscles.  This technique also stimulates the lymphatic system to help remove toxins and impurities from the body and has a detox and cleansing effect on the skin.  As the reflexes on the face become balanced so does the rest of the body and associated body parts and organs.

The treatment consists of lymphatic drainage techniques, facial muscle stimulation and concentrated firm facial massage on specific problem areas.  It could be described as a sports massage for the face or an intense facial workout. Organic Rose oils and creams are used and a rose hip face mask is applied to further help tighten and lift.  Examples of some of the techniques can be found on my Facebook page.


So, although the aim of this treatment is to improve the appearance, help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and encourage the body to produce more collagen and elastin, it also has many healing and stress relieving benefits and is suitable for all.  After a treatment you will feel less stressed and have an improved sense of well being and peace.  So in it’s essence, it’s the beauty treatment with health benefits!

Here are the results following a course of 8 treatments.  Please see the Japanese Cosmo Facelift blog for full details and pictures.  It was very tricky to get the lighting right for a good comparison but hopefully you can see the difference.  Julie was very pleased with the results.

But let’s be realistic…facial reflexology and natural facelifting won’t vanish every line and wrinkle (and why would you want to!) but it will give you a natural healthy glow, with a smoother, firmer complexion and you’ll feel and look amazing – inside and out.



I have found this system of facial reflexology, which has been described as a sports massage for the face, to be particularly effective for the following:

  • TMJ and jaw tension
  • Sinus issues
  • Bells Palsy and facial paralysis
  • Increasing circulation and improving complexion
  • Increasing elastin and collagen production
  • Natural Facial Rejuvenation
  • Headaches and scalp tension



Here’s a link to a little video of some JCFL techniques.  You can feel the tension lifting with every stroke and squeeze…