New Book!

I’m an author now….

In early 2020, I wrote a children’s reflexology book.  And then the world went crazy.  But then things slowly began to return to normal and it all started coming together.

So I’m thrilled to welcome you to the happy, healing world of Sally the Sloth and her friends.

In my first book, follow Sally through the jungle storm as she helps her friends overcome anxiety, fear, headaches, sleep problems and more,  with the help of face and hand reflexology.


This charming story equips parents with techniques to calm and soothe young children, and gives older children self soothing tips to help improve their health and wellbeing throughout their life.


The techniques can be done anytime and anywhere and the book will equip you and your child with easy to follow, simple techniques to last a life time, making it a must for every family bookshelf.


Beautifully illustrated by David Griffiths and published by Swatt Books, Sally Calms The Storm is available directly from me or through Amazon

A few techniques

covered in the book include

Facial reflexology to:

  • improve sleep
  • ease anxiety
  • calm fears
  • ease pain
  • aid bonding
  • help communication
  • help your child self soothe

Contact me for more details.



These videos will help further explain the techniques shared in Sally Calms The Storm but do get in touch if you have any questions.

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